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Hello and welcome to the new website! We hope that you like the new look and feel. We've put a lot of work into it to make it better than ever before. We hope you've had a chance to look around and if not, then we encourage you to take a few minutes to dive in and explore.

As you may know our old site was not up to par with the technological times and included many areas that needed improvement. So we decided to address these issues head on and give the entire site an overhaul. You'll find now that the site is overall easier to navigate, product information is much clearer and the ordering process is simplified. As well, we have added new features on the site which will make your pre-sale and post-sale support much easier. For those of you that are used to the old site, it will of course take some time to get used to where things are located now but that just goes with the new territory. Allow us to apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Overall, our hope is that this new site will allow us at to serve you better!

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